Governance and Ownership


Aggar microfinance S.C is owned by more than 750 shareholders who paid more than Birr 250 million as a paid up capital.

 General Assembly

The General Assembly of the shareholders meets annually to hear the Board of Directors and external auditors report and decide on it and make strategic decisions. Fifteen Ordinary Annual General Assemblies and Ten Extra Ordinary General Assemblies were taken place so far to review Directors’ and External Auditors Report and to increase capital of the Company.

 Board of Directors

Seven Boards of Directors elected by the General Assembly frequently meets to review and discuss on the activities of the Company. They approved policy and procedure manuals needed to guide the operation of the Company. They also supervise management in the execution of approved strategic plan and evaluate the performance of management in the context of the goals and time frame outlined in the plan. The Board composed  3 masters, 3 degrees and one diploma and have experience of long years in various fields.